Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

Me Made Mittwoch: The Sweatshirt

I guess I should really invest in a better camera instead of using my old point-and-shoot, but I'm pretty happy about the tripod and the fact that I even have a camera that works. I'm pretty bad when it comes to electronics, so if anbody has an idea on which camera to get, I would greatly appreaciate any help.

But I'm back with pictures and on the day of Me-made-Mittwoch, so this is pretty cool. I haven't had the time to do my daily bloground at work today, so tonight I'll browse the Me-made Mittwoch gallery and see what the other ladies made. Thank you so much for collecting the lovely me-mades!

On to the outift: I'm wearing a me-made sweatshirt made of a polyester-cotton-blend sweatshirt fabric that I got at a bazaar in Bursa/Turkey. It's hard to see on the picture, but it's lightly marbled and not just plain white. I combined it with some cuff knit, that I got at work and the whole sweater was made in one evening. I used the serger on all seams. The pattern that I used was Kanga again, but this time I had to change the pattern again, so I don't think I'll use it again. The sleeves were again much too baggy and so I made a second seam on the sleeve to create a better fit.

Jeans are thrifted from a fleamarket, shirt is thrifted from a second hand shop and the shoes are Deichmann sneakers.

Montag, 31. März 2014

On Trend: The Blouson

It seems that nearly every blog post starts with "These fabrics have been lying in my stash forever...", but at the moment I'm trying to sew from what I've got and only buy the matching fabrics that I need to finish a project. So, this is my new blouson. The idea to use this fabric came into my mind when I looked through my stash and found these two remnants from the same print only in two different colourways. I like mixing patterns and this seemed to be a perfect match.

By browsing some shops and Pinterest I found many cute blousons and also the versions of Clare, Erin and Sophie made me want a cute bomber myself. Because I couldn't wait for the Rigel to be shipped to Germany, I browsed through some Burda magazines and found a similar pattern in issue 3/2014 and 2/2013 ( shows that, even though styling and some patterns are just off sometimes, Burda still produces pieces that are on trend, right before the trend hits the streets).

Here is some of the inspiration that I collected:
 Because the Burda pattern of the issue 03/2014 didn't have the v-neck like the blouson of Papercut Patterns, I merged it with the collar of the blouson in issue 02/ 2013. So the pattern is a mix of model 124 and 125. It's still a bit different but only in the way the sleeves are attached and it's hardly noticeable. But I'm going to redraft the shoulder part, when I make a second version of the jacket. And I will definitely do that! Now I've got the spotty version, but I'm also dreaming about having a simple black one, maybe with contrasting sleeves or a floral one...
So, this is it. Blue dots in the front.
And yellow dots in the back. And yes, I totally wear matching socks, also with dots.
Here is, how I wore it with my parka, because though it's warm in Germany right now, it's still too cold for the blouson only.

I'm wearing me-made jeans with my me-made blouson. They are made with my basic trouser pattern, that I only sewed a little smaller by omitting the seam allowances. Now the fit is nearly perfect. On my next pair I'm going to take in the side seam about one more centimetre and then the fit will be spot on.
All other items are thrifted from various flea markets, thrift shops and second hand stores.

How do you like my version of a dotted blouson? Any tips, how the sleeves of the Papercut Rigel are actually drafted?

Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

On Trend: The Sweater

The fabrics for this project habe been lying in my stash since one year now and I finally got around to transform them into a garment. The idea was to make a funky sweater which can be dressed up or down and which will be comfy in winter, as well as be fashionable and trendy. I found some inspiration in different online shops and with some ideas from my mind I made my very own individual piece.
One of the sweaters I found was more than 1000 €! I could never spend so much on a piece of clothing, but knowing how much one of my sweaters could be worth is kind of cool. 
I used a German pattern from the company called Farbenmix. The name of the sweater is Kanga and it is very well-respected in the German blogger world. I think it's a great pattern too, but it runs a bit large. I cut a size L, as it was written in the instructions according to my breast measurement, but the sweater ran a bit large. So in the end I took in the side seams and now it's more like a size M. Maybe it's just me, because I don't like baggy sleeves, but somehow the fit was a bit awkward to begin with. 
Now with the changes I'm more than happy and think that I'll probably make one or two more sweaters. I like the colour blocked version of Sinje very much, so maybe I'll try something similar.
The fabrics that I used are all from and are still available, so get them while you can!

The fabric with the zig zag stripes is very cool, but it's made with 25 % wool, so unfortunately this is a high class sweater that I can't just throw in the washing machine. But on the other hand, no stain will be seen on this material!
For the cuffs and neckband I had to use a darker grey that for the sleeves and back, beause the light marble grey is currently sold out and needs to be restocked. But I think the different colours give a little bit of a twist to the shape of the sweatshirt.
I'm wearing the sweater with a pair of black skinny jeans, that I also made and some leopard flats. It's an outfit that is very me - funky on the top and plain on the bottom. For the colder days I'd wear it with some black boots.

For those of you, who'd like to make something similar: Here are all the fabrics that I used.

Yarn Mix Zig Zag 17 Sweatshirt Angeraut 13 Bündchen 5

Dienstag, 14. Januar 2014

A weekend full of sewing, laughter and amazing women

This weekend I have been in Bielefeld and can therefore state that this city exists! For all of my international readers: In Germanby there is a saying that Bielefeld doesn't exist, that it's just an imaginary city. Where that comes from? I have no idea, so whoever knows it, please share!

Bielefeld is also called the Leineweberstadt because it's the city where in the 19th century many flax fields were agricultured and then there were many textile factorys in the area. Still many fashion companys have their headquarters in the surroundings in Bielefeld.

Why I was in Bielefeld? It was the first organized sewing meet up for people from all over Germany who like to sew. And of course I had to be there to see what the sewing community is up to. And of course to finish my own project.

For a long time I dreamed about sewing my own biker jacket in a material mix, which will be great for all kinds of outfits. So for this weekend I prepared very well, cut all the pieces in December and got the supplies that were necessary.

On the weekend I sewed and ate, sewed and ate, sewed and ate and sewed some more. In the end the jacket was finished on Saturday evening and all I had to do on Sunday was to put in the push buttons. The jacket is still missing one button, because I messed up to many of the push buttons. But it's wearable and no one notices this mistake until I point it out.

Sorry for the bad picture quality, but my camera is pretty old and this was the only picture which wasn't blurry. A lovely new sewing friend made some better pictures, but I still have to get them.

 More about the sewing meet-up: It was organized by three very charming sewists, who proposed the meet up some months ago on their blogs. The community could then decide between two places in Germany and in a very democratic way Bielefeld was chosen as the place to be.
For two nights most of us, except for the locals, stayed in the youth hostel, which only mistake was the low- key supply in the rooms with plugs for IPhone and camera charger. But of course, in a youth hostel you are meant to communciate with each other and not the world.
Right after dinner and a short introduction of everybody in the sewing room, we already got to work and chat. Yes, we chatted a lot and shared our experiences, highs and lows, funny stories, memories and everything in between. Time flew by quickly and soon it was 11 pm and slowly the concentration began to drop. That's where the beer, wine and prosecco came in handy and on we chatted. I got around to bed at 2 am and got up at 7:30 am the day, which was a bit hard, but the thought of finishing the jacket kept me moving.
On Saturday we sewed and ate a lot, I finished the jacket and on Sunday I started a bag and finished the jacket with push button, that I bought on Saturday in a supermarket.

What will I remember about the weekend? There are more women out there, who are crazy about fabrics and patterns like me. Though I have to think that I'm not quite nerdy enough, because I mainly sew Burda  (the jacket is from 09/2004 so nearly a decade old) and don't know all the Vogue pattern numbers by heart, like some bloggers do.
We all have similar experiences about our hobby and most of us can not share our passion with the "normal" friends, so that's where the blogging is really filling a gap. You learn a lot of the experiences from others and blogging enables you to read about the problems that others had with a certain pattern and how they solved the problem. I know that I often don't share the full experience of finishing a project, so that's what I really want to improve.
I don't have all of the skills yet that are necessary to finsih all the projects, like I want them to be finished, so 2014 will be the year where I really want to improve my skills.

Blogging friends can also become real friends and I heard about lots of small groups in different cities where they chat about there experiences once or twice a month. I'd really like to do something similar in Hamburg, so Hamburg bloggers beware as I reach out to you!

The weekend ended with very exciting news! There will be another blogger meet up in Bielefeld and next year there will be another sewing meet-up weekend. I'll be there! Maybe one of you too?

Lastly I have to say thank you to the amazing women who organized the meet-up. Alex, Miriam and Susi, you are awesome!

Dienstag, 26. November 2013

Happy November

Oh hello, long time no see, I guess. As always when my life is busy I don't find the time to sit down, gather my thoughts and write them down. So, I'm trying to recap November, before it's over.
November didn't start so well as I recovered from a surgery where the metal was taken out of my leg. Some hours spent in hospital, then a week in bed to recover and as soon as I was allowed to walk without crutches again I went back to work. The last weeks before December are always pretty busy as there have to be organized lots of things, but so far it works out pretty well.
I even managed to find some time to sew in the evening. I finished off some jeans with an ikat ribbon. Unfortunately no good outfit pictures yet, as it is dark in the morning when I leave my apartment and dark when I return.
Then after two weeks of work I took a day off and flew to Scotland to visit a friend in Galashiels. I spent one night in Edinburgh and had a fantastic time. Edinburgh is such a cute city and small enough not to get lost, but also big enough to spend a good time in different areas.
Galashiels is a city that is not very well known, but to me it was the perfect weekend getaway. Spending time with my old friend was excellent, but excellent was also the charity shop row. I've never seen so many charity shops during one day and all very close to each other. I spend something like 30 pound on that day and got more than eight pieces, so it was very thrifty.
In Edinburgh I had to get in to Anthropologie as I always love browsing through their webshop and the shop didn't disappoint. Lots of ideas for future projects and I even got a little treat. The yarn is made from recycled silk saris and will be good for some crochet necklaces or appliqués.
Only one week of November left and then it will be Advent season. Oh, and the annual birthday is coming up! Yeah, exciting! More about that soon.

Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Grainline Copycat

Sometimes the projects of other sewing ladies are just so good, that you just have to copy the clothes to get a great result. That's how it was with me and the dotted skirt by Jen from Grainline. I've seen her skirt back when she posted about it and could never forget it. I went to Ikea, but they didn't have the black and white fabric, only red and white. So I went home empty handed. Some weeks later I made my way to another Ikea and luckily they had the desired fabric. I also took some sweet succulents with me, the only kind of plant that survives in my home.
Anyway, I went home and the weekend after, I cut the pattern pieces. I got around to sew it only three weekends ago though. The skirt is the third version of a Burda pattern and the construction is fairly easy. I had to learn though that I have bigger hips than Jen, because on my version the dots on the side seam don't match up. But it's okay, it looks good from front and back.
The pockets are lined with some pink lining that peeks out a little, which is a cute detail.
I'm wearing the skirt with a newly thrifted cotton knit sweater, which is actually more dark blue than black. The boots are also thrifted from my favourite second-hand shop.
Here I paired the skirt with a shirt, that I just made this weekend. I'm not sure about it yet, beause it looks a bit pyjama-ish, I think. I think I have to style it differently.

I'm very happy with my new skirt and can't wait to wear it soon with black tights and some chunky sweaters.

On the fleamarket I found some great finds today and the total was just 20 €, so I'm very happy. The first season of New Girl will probably bring a lot of outfit and sewing project inspiration and I already skimmed through the old issue of Instyle and found some great ideas just waiting to be made.

Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

Happy but busy life

Oh, hey. Do you remember me? I just realized that I haven't been blogging for almost one and a half month now and it's really a shame. But, you know, sometimes life just gets into the way and you have a platefull in the real life, that you forget about sharing.

So today I'll try to recap what's been going on the past weeks. Most important reason why I wasn't blogging was the fact that I haven't been at home for two weeks. Instead I travelled through Croatia and Italy and had a short moment in Berlin with a friend.
And the day before I left, I went to an amazing concert by Frank Turner, my favourite artist of this year. I had so much fun and danced so much, that my shoes were dirty and I got a blister on my toe, but it was totally worth it.
It was the first time in a while that I had a proper holiday and it was so good! I flew to Split in Croatia and stayed in a lovely hostel (Cro Green Hostel, by the way they also have a pink hostel in the same city), met lovely people and had four awesome days in the town of Split.
Then I moved on to Makarska, where I stayed for a weekend. It was great as well, lots of time spent on the beach and I even took a one day boat trip to Brac and Hvar.
From Makarska I was then off to Dubrovnik, where I had the best room in the youth hostel (room 31 and 32 share a roof terrace), met an interesting Korean girl, Spanish and Mexican girls with whom I had a fantastic dinner and cool Croatian students.
The city of Dubrovnik is breathtaking and there is so much to see in the little side streets. Here you can see the city from above. We took a walk along the old wall , which took about two and a half hours.
I stayed in Dubrovnik for two nights and then took a ferry to Bari in Italy. There I stayed with David an Valentina from the Olive Tree hostel, which is the best hostel in town. I met a very nice Turkish girl and together we explored the city and even got to hear a concert by a musician who was once a member of Savoy Brown and Mama Roo. So cool! Singing "Stand by me" on a piazza in Bari at night was one of my favourite moments of the trip.
From Bari I flew to Berlin and stayed with an old friend from school. We went to Mauerpark together and browsed the fleamarket but didn't buy anything. Then we watched some street artists and listened to the Karaoke.
I didn't think about the fact, that I'd stay in Berlin, when I packed my bags, so I had to get something warm for the days. Luckily I found a woolen sweater in a vintage shop in Bari and it kept me warm during the fleamarket. I'll definitely try to take a picture of it in the next days, it's really cool.

So, that's a short recap of my holiday. Of course, I have a lot of more stories to tell and I also sewed like crazy in the past days, so I hope to be blog more regularly again and maybe even partake in Me-Made-Mittwoch again.

So long!
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