Tine Travels: Meet The Blogger Amsterdam 2015

Wow, this weekend has been amazing! I had the chance to visit the Meet the Blogger event that is held in Amsterdam and network with new and old to me bloggers from Germany, the Netherlands and different parts of the world.
The event took place in Hotel Casa 400, which was closeby to Amstel metrostation, so very convenient to get to from my accomodation.

On Saturday I liked the keynote of Emma and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess especially and also had my fangirl moment, when Emma and I had a quick conversation about surfing, when she saw the scrapbooking page I made during the "Crafting with the Messy Box" workshop. So sweet!

But also the other sessions about SEO and the keynote by Yvestown were very interesting and inspiring. It's amazing to see so many , mostly female, bloggers all sharing their ideas and experiences so openly. Many of the sessions were about how to make your blog more successfull, monetize it and work with brands. For me that's not inetersting as I also blog for work and want to keep my income coming from that work.

When I first started the blog I still had the idea about turning it into a professional one day, but now that I found the perfect job, where I basically do what I love (writing, styling, sewing, networking) I don't need to think about what to do with this blog to grow it. Maybe I'll think about the topic differently in a few years, when I want to work more independetly but at this stage of my life I'm happy and that counts, right?

So, after an interesting keynote by the Urban Jungle Bloggers on Sunday and a presentation on how to make viral content, receiving the not one, not two but three goodiebags, I went into town, browsed through some shops, had a nice take-away hot-dog kebab mix in the Red Light District and went back to my accomodation to get some sleep.

Today I set up my workplace in a café next to Waterlooplein and just caught up on e-mails and read some articles. Then it was already time to catch the flight to Hamburg.
I will definitely go back to Amsterdam for a proper weekend trip sometime, as I just loved the vibe of the city. And I suppose there is even more to explore, than what I've seen.


Tine Makes: Thermos Jug For Work

I know, I know, I called this blog Sew on Trend and that's what you expect from the content, but lately I've had some ideas for simple DIYs and thought, why not share them too?

Ihaven't been sewing much in the past weeks. Partly because I was on holiday and partly because the weeks before the holiday were quite stressfull and I didn't have a single weekend where I was just chilling at home. But life is slowing down a little right now and so I've been having more time to devote to sewing and crafting. I also need to get started on some christmas presents soon. My dad got a voucher for handmade socks last year and I want to gift him these this year. I only need to get started. I think that's the worst part of knitting, the first two rows, from then on it flows much better.

Anyway, I try to drink more at work and already got a better routine by preparing some infused lemon water each morning and having a jug of it on my holiday. Now that it slowly gets colder, I wanted to have a pretty thermos jug for my tea. My mum had this white thermos jug in her cabinets that she didn't need, so I snatched that and immediately had this idea for a DIY.
So, here is a short introduction in how I did the DIY project.
I love the fruit and flamingo trend that's been going on in the DIY scene this year and so I wanted to stick some stickers on the jug with these motifs. There are a couple of Etsy sellers, that have these motifs, but somehow I din't want to order a 1 € article from the other side of the world. So I remembered that you can order stickers at Rossmann (a German drugstore chain). They come in defined sizes, but you can cut them easily. So I found some motifs that I liked and got them printed.
Total cost: 4 €
Then I cut the motifs with a little bit of a white border. I didn't use all of the stickers, as I had ordered too many watermelons.

I simply peeled of the paper from the stickers and positioned them on the jug, where I wanted to have them. I made a border of ananas and flamingos on the bottom annd them some watermelons in a unregular pattern.

The finished jug is so cute! It will be a great view on my desk at work and will hopefully motivate me to keep on drinking more water or tea during the day.


Tine Travels: Olbia 2015

I took a flight from Hamburg to Munich, had some transfer time where I tried the different flavours that the free coffee bar had to offer and then boarded my Air Dolomiti flight to Olbia. Olbia is in the Northeast of Sardinia and one of the biggest cities in Sardinia. One of the few sights that my guidebook told me to visit in Sardinia was the Basilica San Paolo, so I went there after I returned from my sailing trip. It's a pretty impressive building, though it's a little bit hidden in a side street. The inside features some great mosaics and paintings and while I was there, there seemed to be a kind of ceremony going on in one of the side wings.
The Sardinian flag features four heads of moors, though the reason why it features them has different stories. The flag consists of a plain white background, St. Georges Cross and a moor’s head in each quarter.

I stayed in a lovely Bed and Breakfast (host is Beta) that I found on Airbnb. The location was a bit away from the centre of Olbia, but very well connected by bus and the ticket for a 90 minute bus ticket was only 1 € if you bought the ticket in advance. With one bus line I could easily reach two of the beaches, that the locals of Olbia like to go to. And I had a couple of supermarkets, restaurants, cafés and shops nearby.

On one of the days before my sailing trip started I went to visit the beach La Cinta, which is one of the beaches in San Teodoro. It was about a 45 minutes drive by bus from Olbia, but quite cheap (return ticket only 4,50 €) and the beach was beautiful. Lucky me found an abandoned parasol and so I could spent the day in the shade. I was a little burnt from the previous days at the beach, so it was good to give my skin a chance to recover.

This is the coast of the Punta Istana beach, which is in the South of Olbia. The water was turquoise and so clear. It was a real pleasure to go swimming there. Also, there were only few tourists and mostly Italian speaking people. Lots of souvenir vendors too, that try to sell you sunglasses, hats, selfie sticks, boxes for your phone or jewellery.

The days in Olbia were very relaxing, probably because of the good breakfast I got at my B&B.
The last day that I spent in Olbia, before returning back to Hamburg, I went out in my favourite summer dress. I made it from fabric that I got at the Maybachufermarkt in Berlin this summer. It's a tad too short for work, so it's been a great pleasure to wear it on holiday.

I loved all the beautiful flowers on Sardinia. These pretty ones were found closeby to my B&B.

 A kind of spleen that I have is to always visit a supermarket, when I'm on holiday. I love to see what people really eat, not the food you get in a restaurant, but plain old boring everyday-food. And in Italy I have seen a variety of olive oil in the supermarket, which I haven't seen before.

Pesto and wine seem to be the alltime-favourites. The pesto is sold in kilos and the wine in five litre cans.
Especially in Sardinia you get the Sardinian bread "pane guttiau", it's made without yeast and very crunchy. You get that on your table before dinner in most restaurants.

Also in Olbia there is a handicrafts shop, where you can get made to measure sandals. It's on the main shopping street.

I hope you enjoyed the little insight in my travel to Sardinia. More about the sailing trip in a seperate post!


Tine Travels: Sardinia 2015

Once I year I go on holiday for two weeks, usually in September but due to some work circumstances I had to book my holiday for the time of end of August till beginning of September this year. This year I wanted to try something new and see a part of Europe I haven't considered going to before.

Due to the recommendation of a colleague and a quick Google picture research, I decided that going on a sailing trip around the Northeast coast of Sardinia would be a perfect mix of a relaxing holiday, as well as getting to know different areas of the island and specially the beautiful area of La Maddalena in the Northeast.

That was my dream.

The reality turned out to be a little different.

Yes, I've been on a boat. No, I didn't sail - when you deduct the half hour that the skipper raised the sails. No, I didn't see the beautiful Maddalena archipel. Yes, I travelled and relaxed so much, that I didn't even know which date it was. No, I didn't swim in a different bay each day. Yes, I got to know interesting personalities.

This holiday was not a all, what I expected, but it was okay-ish. In the next days I will try to share more about the holiday, if you like.


Tine Talks: Stoffwechsel 2015 - mein fertiges Top

Am Sonntag nähte ich mein Oberteil aus dem Stoffwechsel-Stoff. Irgendwie hatte ich das Gefühl, ich müsste es fertig bekommen - allerdings dachte ich, dass die Stoffwechselmodenschau erst in zwei Wochen sein würde. Naja, jetzt habe ich doch mitbekommen, dass gestern eigentlich der erste Show-Termin war, den ich natürlich nicht einhalten konnte, weil das Top zwar fertig, aber ich nicht in Fotostimmung war.

Also, heute nach der Arbeit schnell ins Top gehüpft und ein paar Fotos geschossen, die hoffentlich dem tollen Stoff, den mir meine unbekannte Stoffwechsel-Patin geschickt hat, Würde erweisen.

Wie schon angekündigt, habe ich die Tunika 108 aus burda 07/2008 genäht. Die einzige Änderung, die ich im Schnitt vorgenommen habe - naja, eigentlich kann ich das gar nicht mehr genau sagen, denn ich fand nur noch zwei Schnittteile des Schnittmusters und zwar die vordere und hintere Passe. Ich weiß nun gar nicht mehr genau, ob das überhaupt die Passen sind, wie sie im Schnitt vorgegeben waren, denn ich erinnere mich, dass ich die Passe für ein Oberteil mal vergrößert und verändert habe...
Naja, auf jeden Fall nahm ich für den Zuschnitt dann die oberen Passen-Teile fügte überall großzügige Nahtzugabe bei, da ich auf dem Schnittmuster etwas von Größe 38 stehen hatte und nahm einfach die untere Kante der Passe als Vorgabe für das Vorder- und das Rückenteil des Oberteils. Diese beiden Teile schnitt ich pi mal Daumen schätzend, trapezförmig nach unten zum Saum hin gehend aus. Zudem schnitt ich das Rückenteil etwas länger zur Mitte hin aus.
Die Form der Passe betonte ich mit einer Paspel - die ich letztendlich doch bei der Arbeit fand, da wir neue Paspeln aufgenommen hatten, von denen ich noch nichts wusste - die mir allerdings einiges an Fluchen entlockte, da ich keinen Paspelfuß habe und das mit dem Reissverschlussfuß nur teilweise so ging, wie ich es mir vorstellte. Nachdem ich also die Paspelnaht einige Male auftrennte und erneut näht, war dann der Rest des Nähens recht flott gemacht.
Beim Armausschnitt entschied ich mich für eine Lösung aus Schrägbandeinfassung und geoverlockter Kante mit schmalem Saum. Durch die Paspel konnte ich nicht die gesamte Öffnung einfach umsäumen und mit der Lösung mit dem Schrägband bin ich recht zufrieden.
Ebenso zufrieden bin ich mit dem Gesamtlook des Tops und habe schon Pläne, wann ich es zum ersten Mal ausführen werden.
Ich kann es mir gut zum Rock vorstellen, der vor allem im Moment an warmen Tagen gut dazu passt. Für den Herbst sehe ich das Outfit schon mit passendem petrolfarbenem Morris-Blazer aus Romanit oder einer leichten Strickjacke und dunkler Strumpfhose. Ich mag die Farben, finde allerdings, dass das Top eher ein Übergangstop ist und kein Hochsommertop, dafür ist es mir einen Tick zu dunkel.
Hier sieht man die Paspel nochmal etwas besser. Die Rückenansicht habe ich vergessen zu fotografieren. Der obere Rücken ist durch die Paspel unterbrochen.
Ich habe noch etwas Paspel übrig und überlege eine engen Rock aus schwarzem Denim mit Teilungsnähten zu nähen, die dann durch die Paspel betont werden. Ich brauche dafür nur noch den schwarzen Denim!

So, und jetzt die spannende Frage: Wer war mein Stoffpate? Ich könnte einfach auf dem Päckchen den Aufkleber über der Adresse abmachen und dann wäre ich vielleicht der Lösung etwas näher, doch das mache ich nicht. Ich tippe einfach weiterhin fröhlich. Und ich tippe auf Hannah, denn nur jemand, der sich so viel Gedanken um den Stoffwechsel macht kann, meiner Meinung nach, die Adresse etc. so trickreich verstecken. Und? Liege ich richtig?

Auf jeden Fall vielen Dank an Lotti und Hannah für das Organisieren des Stoffwechsels.


Tine Sews: Sweatpants

Okay, so I'm not sure. Are sweatpants still on trend? Or am I too late to jump on the bandwagon? I really liked the Hudson pants once they came out, but somehow I don't like to buy PDF patterns. I own exactly one and that is the Farbemix Kanga which I bought and then wasn't happy with the fit at all and altered the pattern quite much, so somehow I'm not convinced in buying PDFs if I can find a similar pattern in a magazin or book.

I have to say I'm pretty good at finding patterns that are similar to patterns from my favourite American designers in old Burda magazines or books I can get at the library.
These sweatpants were made from a pattern that I found in a Fait Main magazin, which is a pattern magazine from France.
It is made by the same publisher as the Burda magazines. I once got the magazine at work, when we distributed these magazines in all the parcels that went out to France. I immediately saw the potential of these pants and then there is also a pattern for cute overalls, so I snatched an issue for myself.

The pants are really comfy ( still wearing them as I type this post).

Okay, this might not be the best looking bum view, but hey these are sweatpants and they are meant for lounging around and being comfy!

It took a while until I got the cuffs right. First I tried a normal hem, which didn't look good. Then I tried a cuff made of the sweatshirt material, but it wasn't stretchy enough. Then I finally had the idea about using some of the sweatshirt knit cuffs, that I used for the waistband and it worked.

I lined the pockets with a grey cotton fabric, as I didn't have enough from the sweatshirt knit. I got the fabric at Stoff&Stil when they had a sale, I think in the beginning of the year.

I'm wearing the pants with my favourite khaki T-Shirt ( also made by me) and some Vans, which I once thrifted for 3 €.


Tine Makes: Crochet Sandals

Lately I haven't really been making anything. I feel inspired, but I don't find the motivation to really sit down in front of my machine, copy a pattern or cut some fabric. But I found quite a joy in trying myself in crochet.

Two weekends ago I visited a DIY-night and they offered the possibility to make espadrilles, or anything else you wanted to do with the espadrilles soles from Prym. I had made espadrilles before, but back then I used cheap espadrilles where I just cut off the fabric and made my own pattern pieces. The espadrilles soles from Prym are way better though, because they have a rubber sole and probably last longer than the cheap version. And with a price of 8,70 € on Amazon, they aren't that much more expensive than the cheap version from a decor shop.

I finished one sandal already. I was inspired by the Spanish sling back sandals called Avarcas from Menorca. They are made in leather though and I used the crochet technique to form my sandal pieces. I'm really into combining yellow and blue shades and so I chose a really nice mustard yellow and minty blue for my version.
I really can't stop crocheting so maybe I will finish the sandal today and then I'll definitely snap some pictures again.

Today I also found the time to prewash some fabrics, which were lying around for quite a while already. In my mind I already made the fabrics into garments, so it was definitely time to prewash them , so that I can get started on sewing with them soon.
What have you been making lately?
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